Conversion of physical shares into Demat

AS PER SEBI CIRCULAR FROM 2018, trading of physical shares are not all allowed, which means physical shares have no financial value unless demitted. Conversion of shares into demat is undertaken along with recovering any unclaimed dividends/ bonus shares etc.

Language translation into any Indian Language with respect to any matters

Many communications are in vernacular making it tough to comprehend and translate . Translation without losing the essence of meaning becomes crucial especially in formal and business correspondence. All Indian language translation is undertaken

Drafting of business and legal letters

Drafting is a skill comes out of practice. Most of the communications when drafted well , impresses the receiver be it personal or business correspondences .

Legal drafting is even more important since the language of law is different than the normal language of non legal correspondences.

The vernacular language coupled with less drafting skill becomes a major challenge both in drafting a letter as well as in replying to a letter or a legal notice.

All types of correspondences drafting is undertaken with an objective to reduce communication barrier and thereby reduce chances of dispute.

Name change process

Name change happens under many circumstances which includes after marriage surname change , change due to astrological or numerology advise or even sometimes due to wrong typing by any institution, and the process to change the name is undertaken.

Government gazette Notification

Quite a few changes needs government gazette notification and some institutions seek for name change , It’s a process wherein the name change is recorded in government gazette and it is published making it completely legal in all aspects.

Legal and Non Legal Affidavits

Most processes needs affidavit and affidavits are undertaking / self declarations which is a prerequisite in many proceeses. The affidavits are on stamp paper and the value is based on the type of affidavit.

Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate is not only a proof of marriage but also a record which is needed in many institutions and it is mandatory to have marriage certificate as per law.

Education , Career Guidance and mentoring

This an extended services activity aimed at guiding the children , and the growing population of young India by team of experts related to the field of expertise one wants to grow in.

Proper and timely unbiased guidance is the key while guiding students and youngsters.