It is said ‘there can be disputes in life, but life itself cannot be a dispute”.
Most of the disputes arise due to documentation manipulation.

"If one can leave ego and hatred , most of the disputes will never happen."

timely resolution is real need of hour

When documents are not digitalized ot vetted , there is a great possibiltiy of forgery and theft of documents , leading to dispute.

Absence of "Will" , is one most common example of dispute due to absence of clear document and many generations of legal heir suffer .

Ensuring dispute resolution by amicable settlement is both advisable as well as a challenge .

In india the number of cases pending in courts are in lacs and it is only natural that each additional case will take so much more time in years .hence is it also prudent to solve cases thorough amicable settlements. We assist in pushing for resolutions to save time and money.

In many cases both the parties do agree on amicable resolution , but absence of credible intermediary makes the process less success. If the documents are in order , the chances of disputes drops drastically and even if a dispute arises , the chances of winning the case increase manifold.

Our team of dispute resolution experts allows flexibility of giving amicable resolution a chance , before one decides to go litgation. It may be treated as pre litigation mediation exercise, which may be within family or with third party,

Disputes are most often found in

Property matters

Most common dispute which breaks family system , is division of property. In case of absence of WILL document, the dispute becomes even more complex. Given the financial enormity of the asset, many legal cases have been fought for generations and without any result.

Settlement of bank Liabilities

Since most of the individuals fails to read the loan document before taking loan, most often dispute with banks and financial institutions take maximum time of courts .

Amicable settlement possibility will save time of both banks as well as customers since the time value of money is important for all .

Debtor settlements

In businesses, receivables from debtors has same number of dispute resolution which takes time of the business owner.

If the principle of time value of money is appreciated , it will be easy to solve disputes amicably.

Third party disputes which includes insurance disputes

We all deal with many third party transactions or dealings and often it lead to dispute . one classic example is insurance dispute for accident claims, fraud recovery, torts ..etc …

Family disputes

Marital disputes are common family disputes apart from already discussed property disputes .

our endevour is to reduce the resoluton time for any dispute and to solve it at pre litigation stage